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Conférence internationale ICCS (International Conference on Concrete Sustainability) – Madrid 2016

La deuxième conférence internationale ICCS « International Conference on Concrete Sustainability » se tiendra du 13 au 15 juin 2016 à Madrid.

En savoir plus

Sustainability is already a key aspect for construction and in particular in construction with concrete. In the future, it will become an even more significant aspect in construction, such as planning, design, execution, maintenance and dismantling. Many research and normative aspects have still to be developed.

The First International Conference on Concrete Sustainability, ICCS13, took place in Tokyo, May 2013. Two hundred and forty-five people from 36 countries registered for the conference. It was a success in both scientific output and attendance. The main topics that will be dealt with in the Conference will be environmental impact reduction technologies, sustainability aspects of durability, environmental design, evaluation and systems, socio-economic aspects and case studies on sustainable concrete materials and structures.

Madrid will host the Second International Conference on Concrete Sustainability, in 2016, (ICCS16). The conference will be a three day event that will run from 13-15 June 2016.

We invite you to participate through providing a paper or by attending it directly.

Source : https//www.iccs16.org



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