Complete recycling of concrete

Abstract of RECYBETON phase 1

The National Project for Research and Development RECYBETON (Complete Recycling of Concrete – has two main objectives: (i) to encourage the use of all the materials produced from deconstructed concrete, including the fine fraction, as constituents of new concrete, and (ii)  to recycle products of the deconstruction of concrete as raw material in the production of cement.

The first phase of the project (July 2014 to September 2014) allowed to constitute 11 Working Groups (WG) and to begin the studies organized in 6 subjects:

  • Preliminary works (subject 0) led to the selection, preparation and delivery of the reference constituents of recycled concretes for all the laboratories involved in the project. Reference formulations of recycled concrete were also established;
  • “Technologies and processes” (subject 1) launched two types of research: study of crushing effect on recycled aggregate properties and study of cement potential of recycled sand by incorporation in the raw mix and by mixing it with clinker, at laboratory scale;
  • The topic “Materials and structure” (subject 2) worked mainly on recycled aggregates properties and on fresh recycled concrete. Variability of recycled aggregates and validity of standards applied to recycled aggregates allowed to point out more sensitive characteristics of recycled aggregates (absorption, sulphate content, chloride content, frost susceptibility). Absorption coefficient of recycled aggregates was also specifically studied;
  • The subject “Sustainable development” (subject 3) aims to analyse possibilities of adaptation of existing markets to complete recycling of concrete. In phase 1, a tool setting against the relevance of the potential market with its geographic context at the local level has been developed;
  • The subject “Standard and normative issues” (subject 4) is a transverse subject which have interactions with all the themes. In phase 1, analysis of existing texts (standards and regulations) regarding the use of recycled aggregates in structural concretes and concrete products was conducted. It shows that the use of recycled aggregates obeys a temperance in their use in structural concretes (incorporation rate) and a characterization of their quality in correlation with the variability in their properties;
  • Finally, in the framework of the “Development” subject (subject 5), it was created a public website with general information and its relevance, a collaborative platform available for project partners, and a forum.

The project is currently increasing its visibility through the accession of new members (44 entities are now members of RECYBETON) by multiplying experimental work and many opportunities to present the project in various seminars and technical workshops. Phase 2 is now ongoing and phase 3 is being launched. RECYBETON also includes a complete cooperation with the ANR project ECOREB which addresses more scientific and academic research.

Administrative et financing management

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Président : Jacques ROUDIER (IREX)
Directeur : Horacio COLINA (ATILH)
Directeur Scientifique : François de LARRARD (LAFARGE LCR)

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